Investment Process

Initial contact – Once you’ve sent us your materials, our investment team headed by Dr. Amir Ben Shalom will conduct an initial high-level overview of your idea, sector, technology, business plan and status. Here we also try to roughly evaluate whether we can provide added value in addition to a financial investment.

Introductory meeting/call with a member of our investment team – Once we’re done with our initial screening and are curious in learning more about your company, we’ll schedule a meeting aimed at getting to know you better. If we think this could be a great opportunity for cooperation, we might ask for additional information and set up a follow up meeting with our Chief Scientist, Dr. Ben Shalom.

Follow up meeting -The meeting with Dr. Ben Shalom is intended to acquaint him with you – the founders and your company – before a final decision in made.

Evaluation -Here we’ll thoroughly go over your business model, competitive landscape, market barriers technology, etc – including reaching out to our expert’s network. We promise to make this process as timely efficient as possible and we’ll let you know as soon as our investment committee has made its decision.