Investment Focus

What are we looking for?

Medical-related, Consumer-based and Electronics Wearables – We are passionate about technologies that change the way people interact by creating real value from their devices and from the environment around them. Our mission is to improve the daily wellbeing of our users and promote personal freedom in the process. We are looking for companies that solve BIG problems in order to create meaningful change.

True Innovation – We have a proven track record of taking great companies all the way from inception to global success. We seek to join forces with bright entrepreneurs and work together to facilitate the transition from a disruptive idea to full-scale commercialisation.

Entrepreneurs – Solving big problems requires big dreamers. We’re looking for winning teams comprised of fearless innovators and hard-working doers.

If this sounds like you or your company, please send us your deck or business plan and we promise to be in touch!


About Ran Poliakine

Ran Poliakine is the former CEO and current Vice Chairman of Powermat Technologies, the leader in the wireless power industry. A serial entrepreneur and recognized visionary, Mr. Poliakine has founded several successful companies bringing new technologies to market that fundamentally improve people’s lives. Among his portfolio of companies are NanoX Imaging, Years of Water, Illumigyn and QinFlow among several others. Mr. Poliakine resides in Israel, with his wife and five children.

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