WELCOME to my website! I am Ran Poliakine and I wear many professional hats these days. I am the founder and past CEO of Powermat Technologies; the original wireless charging company. I am also the founder of Wellsense, creators of The MAP™ System designed to empower hospitals and nursing homes to deliver the best preventive patient care in an affordable and cost effective manner. And earlier this year, I introduced TAP to the world; an entirely new communication mode developed to complement the data input needs in virtual reality settings. I am also the proprietor of about a dozen other technologies, all at various stages of development, that you can read about by following the link on this page.

The common denominator that runs through all of my endeavors is a love for modern technology. The power of technology is a truly amazing thing. When it works, it’s like magic. It allows us to communicate immediately on a global scale, to work together to alleviate suffering around the world and to make life easier through innovation and insight. If there is a guiding principle around which I have sought to shape my professional life it is to use technology in new ways to solve real life problems.

My goal in maintaining this site is to share my passion for technology with all of you. To explain, to inspire and to even entertain you with new twists on existing issues from a technology bent. Everything you will read about on this site – whether using technology to hydrate Africa or devising a technological solution to eradicating bedsores and even devising a new, easier way for the visually impaired to communicate via written text – has been a labor of love enabled by technology.

I hope you enjoy reading the content of my site as much as I enjoyed writing it. I welcome your feedback and look forward to hearing from you.

Warm Regards,