About Ran Poliakine

Ran Poliakine is the former CEO and current Vice Chairman of Powermat Technologies, the leader in the wireless power industry. A serial entrepreneur and recognized visionary, Mr. Poliakine has founded several successful companies bringing new technologies to market that fundamentally improve people’s lives. Among his portfolio of companies are NanoX Imaging, Years of Water, Illumigyn and QinFlow among several others. Mr. Poliakine resides in Israel, with his wife and five children.

Imaging 3.0

Hi Friends, Next week I will be attending the annual meeting of the The Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago to unveil our newest technology, Nanox Imaging. For those of you who don’t know, RSNA is an ...

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I see no advantage in these new clocks. They run no faster than the ones made 100 years ago.

- Henry Ford

Dear Friends, I love the photo below. It’s a depiction of Nikola Tesla experimenting with wireless power transfer in his lab at the turn of the century. As many of you already know, the technology that Powermat uses to ...

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Water, Water Everywhere…And Not a Drop to Drink

- Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Dear Friends, As many of you already know, I left my position as CEO of Powermat some months ago. Of course, I remain Vice Chairman of Powermat and am still quite active on its Board but my departure as CEO ...

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The Last 50 Years were about Electronics. The Next 50 are About How to Power Them.

- Tal Liani, Bank of America Analyst

Dear Friends, Eight years ago when I founded Powermat, I had a very specific, albeit ambitious goal in mind; to help create a world where people never again need worry about running out of power.  At the time I didn’t exactly ...

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Helping Those Affected by the Nepal Earthquake

Dear Friends, As I’m sure you already know, a deadly earthquake struck central Nepal earlier this week. The impact of the quake is far reaching and devastating – current reports indicate that there are thousands of victims with many more injured ...

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An Investment Boom in Israel

Dear Friends, Last month, Apple CEO Tim Cook was warmly welcomed in Israel, where he came to inaugurate his company’s new research and development center in Herzliya. Apple first invested in Israel in early 2012, when it acquired Anobit Technologies, a maker ...

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